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Jess Delgado strikes again with original song "Heavy"

Did everyone notice that RAWsession has recently updated to RAWsession 2.0? We have new graphics and a new look to our videos and we'd love to hear what you think!?

That being said, you're always going to get the same passion for artists and stripped down performances that highlight talent and musicality! For that reason, we decided to invite Jess Delgado, one of our favorite artists back for her third RAWsession. In this video, she showcases her soft croon in her original track "Heavy" off of her EP Covered In Dreams.

Take a look and a listen and let us know what you guys think!? 


Lena Katina (t.A.T.u. is dead! Long live Lena!!)

Lena, Lena, Lena... What can we say? It's been a long time since 'All the Things She Said' rocked the pop charts. We were wondering if she still had it?


We didn't have to wonder long at all! She still has it (and more) ladies and gentlemen!

When Lena came in for her session she took the studio by storm! The firey Russian with a sly smirk and cool wit came into the live room and quickly smashed her covers before unleashing her original single on us. Never Forget is now a chart topping international sensation with an amazing accompanying video ( but we're happy to say we were there first and lucky enough to hear the song performed long before it was featured on the radio.

With that being said, check out Lena's rendition of Owl City's 'Deer In Headlights' and make sure you look out for the DEERS!



Doll and The Kicks Part Deux


I’m writing this blog entry late at night… I’m tired and it’s been a long week.  

I'm super into Doll & The Kicks -- enough so that I come out to all their LA shows when their in town from Brighton, UK. Enough to REALLY, REALLY want them to come back and do another session, even though we've done two with them already. Enough to pass their music on to our friends and friends of friends.  The rest of the guys from the RAWsession team were at this Doll & the Kicks session and they are both wholly capable of writing this entry themselves… They were both at the band's performance in LA at Key Club too, there for the band's first RAWsession a year ago. Hell, they were both almost got lost on The Tube in London just to catch a late night show!… but I guess THIS IS THE POINT -- I like these guys so much that I'm staying up super late to write this even if it means NO SLEEP (till Brooklyn!?).

- That is to say that they won me over with their first session and now? 

I loved having them in our new studio more the second time because we were aware that they were going to bring the intensity and we were well equipped to handle it.   And by intensity, I mean, first and foremost, the sheer power of Doll -- this girl is amazing and I challenge any working artist to compete with her vocals or intensity. She is a virtuoso; from McLovin to Morrissey, real recognize real and talent recognizes talent.  As for the rest of the band - Chris (drums), Matt (guitar), Olivier (bass) - they're spot on, take after take, with no mistakes and no rest. Doll & The Kicks are, simply put, a machine -- a sexy, talented, rockadelic, machine of awesomeness!!!

That being so eloquently conveyed, let me back away and introduce our latest session (and one of my personal favorites) Doll & The Kicks.

Doll, Kicks-- If you read this, "Blimey, I think the videos looks aces and you were absolutely brilliant. The bee's knees if you will. Anyone that says otherwise is bullocks."

-working on my UK English-


JEN HIRSH Records Songs with RAWsession to promote her new album "Myself In Two"

If you knew of Jen Hirsh when she lived in Boston, MA, you would remember that she was a frequenter of local jazz watering holes as well as an active member of the thriving jazz community in the Back Bay area of town. If you didn't know her then, then maybe you caught her scatting in her audition on American Idol, Season 9, Boston. If you don't know who Jen Hirsh is now, you are about to find out -- and I promise you won't be disappointed. After going to school at the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston, Jen has relocated back to the west coast and she brought her unique music stylings with her, specifically, the beauty of a trained and well-tuned jazz voice over simple and effectively crafted sounds of a good pop song.  Yet to call Jen's music "pop" is not only misleading, but falls short of describing her emotional performances and superb grasp on lyrical composition and phrase. 

Performing with Jen in each of the RAWsession videos is the equally as brilliant singer songwriter & guitarist, John Saussin. Now sit back and watch these two take a stab at their acoustic rendition of "The Better Half" which is a track off Jen's newly released album Myself In Two, featuring work by Adam Tressler (Megan Burtt, Amy Crawford), keyboardist Patrick Warren (Bruce Springsteen, Green Day, Colbie Caillat, John Legend), produced by Max Coane (Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin), and mixed by the great Bob Clearmountain (The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Bruce Springstreen, Bryan Adams, Rufus Wainright). Not too shabby a lineup.




Hey everyone! We've been out of the country for a bit but we're back now and have some VERY exciting news to share. We've been hard at work these past couple weeks wrapping up our BIGGEST production yet! In honor of John Lennon's 70th Birthday, which just passed this October 9th, we’re happy to release our cover of John Lennon’s Imagine with YouTube musicians DAVE DAYS, AJ RAFAEL, TIFFANY ALVORD, JESS DELGADO, AMY HEIDEMANN (from KARMIN), and SID SRIRAM -- backed by the talented Dom Liberati (Bass), BC Taylor (Drums), and Tony Solis (Guitar). We recorded the video this October at Kingsize Soundlabs' studio in L.A. 

In honoring John Lennon and in an attempt to continue his dream in our own way, we’ve also decided that ALL proceeds from downloads go towards charity! The song can be downloaded on iTunes here.   -- A portion of proceeds are going to the John Lennon Tour Bus in John's Memory and (this is where we need your help) we are asking YOU for your input on who to donate the remaining proceeds to. 

Please tweet @RAWsession w/ hashtag #Imagine4Charity and let us know what charity you want us to donate proceeds to by December 31st, 2010. We will be picking the top suggested charities.

Thanks to all the YouTubers and musicians who made this video possible! We could not have done this without them and their amazingly positive attitudes and crafted musicianship. The day was a complete blast, filled with so much energy and synergy that we can’t help but imagine John Lennon would’ve loved the experience himself.  We think the video turned out a complete success and we’ll be blogging more about it and posting cool pictures and videos from the session over the coming days. We hope you all enjoy the video! Please share it with your friends, buy the song, donate money to charity, and remember to be active in your community!